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Amani graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in 2016. There she was awarded a four-year athletic scholarship for Division 1 women’s soccer. She worked as a personal trainer for two years before deciding to further her education at York University in Toronto where she completed a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Science.

Amani Thomas, MFSC, CEP  
Human Performance Specialist & Lifestyle Coach
Amani Thomas' portrait photo, wearing black t-shirt
Shawn Madden, MFSC, CEP
Human Performance Specialist & Lifestyle Coach
Shawn Madden
Shawn Madden's portrait photo, wearing black t-shirt

Shawn graduated with Honours from York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology & Health Science (BSc). During his undergraduate program he also completed a Certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling. Shawn recently completed a Master’s degree in Fitness Science at York University where he specialized in VO2max testing and Human Performance appraisals in Dr.Veronica Jamnik’s Human Performance Lab.

Iressa Sulit, IMG
Physician Associate
Iressa Sulit

Iressa is an international medical graduate with more than ten years of experience in Internal Medicine, Functional Medicine and Acupuncture. Integrating preventive and integrative approaches with conventional medical guidelines is her forte, as she works under the direct supervision of a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and licensed Physician at DeerFields Clinic.

Her in-depth medical background in conventional medicine, preventive medicine, IV Therapy and Phlebotomy, and her current Canadian leadership education, make her an excellent and valuable addition to the team in providing high-quality patient care.

Joshua Daclan, M.Ed., IMG
Physician Associate

Joshua is an International Medical Graduate who obtained his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 2020. He has years of clinical experience in Family Medicine. He has a Master's degree in Health Education (M.Ed.) and has published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals on educational technology and molecular biology. He has also authored and published a book in Germany entitled 10,000 "Likes" for Safety. As a Physician Assistant working under the supervision of licensed physicians specializing in functional and preventive medicine, he facilitates medical interviews and physical examinations with clients. He also proposes diagnoses and treatment plans to physicians and carries out minor medical procedures


Susan completed post secondary training and is licensed under the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT) in Medical Laboratory Sciences. She is a dedicated health care professional that performs venipuncture, prepares samples for lab testing, operates lab equipment and manages special testing and therapeutics such as 2 hour oral glucose tolerance. She has a particular skill in venipuncture for anxious patients and is a valued member of the clinical team.

Susan Francis, OSMT, CMLTO
Clinical Assistant
Swaneesh Chohan, IMG
Physician Associate & Clinical Assistant

Swaneesh (Swan) is an international medical graduate who graduated from a prestigious medical school, Kasturba Medical College of Manipal in India. Swan honed his skills in Newport Beach, training under a distinguished ENT & Plastic Surgeon. His expertise further flourished through hands-on experience in Miami, where he trained under a renowned surgical program director, solidifying a well-rounded foundation. Combining global education and diverse training, Swaneesh brings a unique perspective and skill set to DeerFields Clinic working as a Clinical Assistant and Physician Assistant under the supervision of licensed physicians specializing in functional and preventive medicine.

Ultrasound Technologist 
Su Jung_0068_1.PNG

Su Jung is a registered ultrasound technologist graduated from McMaster University with Honours Bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiation Sciences. Su Jung has multiple years of experience working at diverse hospital settings where comprehensive examinations and procedures are done on a daily basis. As an ultrasound technologist, she performs thorough ultrasound examinations and creates technician reports for radiologists to formulate diagnosis. 

In the future, Su Jung wants to specialize in vascular and musculoskeletal ultrasound. Vascular ultrasound evaluates the blood flow in arteries and veins and allows screening for any blood clots or peripheral arterial disease. Musculoskeletal ultrasound assesses muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints throughout the body and determines the extent of injury related to sports, accidents, and age.

Su Jung Ji
Paul Hussey
Paul Hussey
Program Coordinator
Paul Hussey.PNG

Paul graduated from Humber College in Toronto with an Advanced Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy in 2016 and is well versed in anatomy, physiology and neurology. As a Program Coordinator at Deerfields Clinic, Paul primarily coordinates appointments and manages schedules for clients and team members. Other duties include managing client portfolios to ensure all information is up to date and in accordance with their roadmap based on where the client is in their respective programs.

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