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Our personalized Precision Preventive Programs are designed to enhance, monitor, and be adjusted to ensure maximum health benefits. They include both in-person and virtual clinical support throughout the year, serving the needs of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area and other regions of Canada.


  • Access to Personalized Medications and Cardiometabolic Hormone Prescriptions.

  • Triannual reviews of goals, Vital Signs and Body Composition.

  • Annual Medical Assessment and Review.

To support your journey towards achieving your optimal health and wellness potential, DeerFields Clinic offers three distinct Precision Preventive Programs:

  • Vitality and Longevity Program

  • Preventive Health Program

  • Testosterone and Hormone Plus Program

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These Programs incorporate precisely chosen medicines, therapies and customized lifestyle advice based entirely on the information gathered during your Comprehensive Health Exam or Health Assessment.

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Let's help you take control of your health and feel your best every day!

Program Components

1. Lab tests are covered by OHIP only when medically necessary; uninsured lab tests NOT included in any program fees are the responsibility of the patient. 
2. Costs associated with supplement and prescription medications are NOT included in any program fees and are the responsibility of the patient.
3. Prescriptions for pre-existing or on-going medical conditions are NOT included in the TPP or HPP programs and should be managed by your family doctor.
4. Referrals to specialists or additional testing when medically necessary are NOT included in the TPP or HPP programs and should be managed by your family doctor.

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Program Onboarding

Personalized Medications

Cardiometabolic Hormone Prescriptions

Personalized Pharmaceutical-grade Supplements

Triannual Health Questionnaire

Triannual Lab Tests

Triannual Reviews of goals, problems & program changes

Triannual Reviews of Vital Signs

Triannual Reviews of Body Composition

Annual Comprehensive Lab Panel

Annual Medical Assessment and Review

Annual Resting ECG

Annual Endothelial Function

Annual Arterial Stiffness Test

Unscheduled Medical Requests

Access to Concierge Services for Specialist Referrals

Telemedicine Support (Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Personalized Nutrition Guide & Resources

Personalized Self-paced Exercise Program

Stress, Sleep and Detoxification Coaching

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Weekly Coaching (Year 1 - Month 1)

Bi-Weekly Coaching (Year 1 - Month 2 & 3)

Monthly Coaching (Year 1 - Months 4 to 12 and Year 2 onward)











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Healthy Lifestyle_01.png
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