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Adaptive Contrast EWOT

This technology system has a unique approach to exercise that involves dynamically adjusting oxygen levels. This is done by alternating between high-oxygen (hyperoxic) and low-oxygen (hypoxic) phases. The aim is to optimize oxygen delivery to cells by creating a controlled demand for additional oxygen in the body. The hypoxic setting also helps to raise the user’s heart rate during training and build additional red blood cells, which can result in more energy with continued use.

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About Adaptive Contrast EWOT

Restore your health with oxygen therapy. EWOT helps increase red blood cell production, promotes anti-aging and improves cognitive function.


EWOT provides a continuous flow of oxygen during exercise, which limits heart rate elevation and CO2 release. Oxygen-only systems are not effective enough to increase oxygen levels and trigger health benefits. 

We have a team of professional lifestyle coaches and healthcare providers to supervise your therapy session. 

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