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Kiran Verma, IMG
Director of Health & Services
Portrait Photo of Kiran Virma, wearing black jacket with DeerFields logo in yellow
Digital Seal of Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine
Digital Seal of Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Kiran Verma was born in England and raised in Canada. She is an International Medical Graduate who received her Doctorate of Medicine in 2015.

Kiran Verma embarked on a career in Medicine and gained recognition as the Director of Medical and Health Services at DeerFields Clinic. She works closely with all the Physicians to provide direct patient care with a focus on preventive medicine, metabolic and hormone optimization and specific services to female patients who may prefer a female healthcare professional for some aspects of their care.

She is also Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Certified for both men and women. Lastly, Kiran is Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine providing both Medical and Cosmetic Procedures at DeerFields Clinic.

Passions and Interests: Beyond the Medical and Cosmetic field, Kiran Verma is passionate about spending time with family, travelling, swimming and shopping. Either way, she will find a source of inspiration and relaxation.
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