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Dr. Randy Knipping, 
Medical Director & Co-Founder
Dr. Knipping began his career in the field of cell biology, obtained his BSc Hons summa cum laude from McMaster in 1981 and published two peer-reviewed research papers in neuroendocrinology and molecular biology. His clinical skills were honed in Aerospace Medicine, caring for aviation professionals since 1986.

Postgraduate training in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Trauma; Aerospace Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Accident Investigation, Forensic Medicine and Integrative Medicine further led to roles in academic Emergency Medicine at prestigious institutions like the Wellesley, Toronto General, Toronto Western, Mount Sinai and Trillium Health Partners. 

During medical school, Dr. Knipping observed that many hospital patients suffered from preventable diseases, and early identification of these risk factors was crucial. However, conventional medicine was predominantly focused on the treatment of a symptom rather than preventing it from developing before the onset of an illness. This observation paved a new pathway in which Dr. Knipping combined the practice of Preventive Medicine with Emergency Medicine. 

Dr. Knipping was instrumental in establishing the Health Solutions Program at Cleveland Clinic Toronto, which laid the groundwork for clinical practice guidelines in Preventive Medicine.

At DeerFields Clinic, Dr. Knipping is culminating a career dedicated to the vision of a proactive lifestyle and preventive healthcare.

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