Welcome to DeerFields, Canada's premium health and wellness destination

DeerFields began in 2011 with the mission to inspire and empower people to achieve optimal health and vitality through delivering the most advanced preventive care and integrative wellness solutions. At DeerFields, we go beyond only addressing your medical concerns to provide you with the support to overcome challenges, the motivation to make positive lifestyle changes, and the escape to relax and rebalance.

DeerFields' single or multi day health and wellness experience establishes a new and proven standard for preventive, personalized care that comes with a cohesive whole-person assessment of your health. Once we have a clear picture of your health and lifestyle, our distinguished healthcare professionals will then help you craft a lifelong health and wellness strategy.

You will be inspired the moment you arrive at our exquisite 200 acre estate. From fun outdoor activities to our luxurious accommodations and dining experience, we have a variety of additional programs and services available to help you relax, rebalance and recharge. The experience will leave you inspired to make positive lifestyle changes and empowered to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We invite you to explore DeerFields' health and wellness services and how we can help set you on a path toward optimal health and vitality.

Also Located in Downtown Toronto
Rosedale Wellness Centre
120 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON

To learn more about transforming your vitality, longevity and quality of life,
please contact:
agewell@DeerFields.ca | 1-877-9DeerFields | (877-933-3734)