Executive Health Program

Our Executive Health Program is the most complete, in-depth medical exam you’ll find in Canada. This exam combines a comprehensive medical with an appointment with our Human Performance Specialist.  Business people are just that — busy people! We understand that when it comes to your company’s bottom line, time is money. We also know that healthy, hard-working people need to be in optimal health to balance their professional and personal commitments and to achieve a high quality of life.

Step 1 – Executive Health Exam:

  • A relaxed and unhurried state-of-the-art clinic where you will meet our experienced professional team. You’ll enjoy comfortable lounge areas, free wifi, and private dressing rooms with showers. If required, transportation to and from downtown Toronto and a healthy lunch can be arranged.
  • Hormone screening and comprehensive lab testing using the most sophisticated medical equipment available to detect health risks years before the onset of disease.
  • An enhanced cardiovascular disease risk screening to identify concerns before they become irreversible.
  • Testing designed to measure the biological age of specific organ systems.
  • A comprehensive consultation with our Human Performance Specialist who will provide personal nutrition, fitness, and supplement recommendations based on your test results.
  • A full report, complete with recommendations the same day.
  • Follow-up and specialist referrals when necessary — arranged by our team so that your focus can remain where it’s needed most.
  • Access to in-office or video-consult primary care throughout the year. Many of our clients located in other regions of Ontario and Canada appreciate the ability to stay connected with our team by video-consult, including when out of country on business.

Step 2 – Health Optimization:

  • A personalized plan you can implement immediately.
  • Access to a professional team eager to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Continuous evaluation, tracking and refining of your personalized lifestyle plan supported by the DeerFields APP. Our APP integrates with all Fitbit devices, including the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Aria scale, allowing real-time communication, monitoring of results, and necessary adjustments.
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