The DeerFields Difference

Welcome to DeerFields, Canada’s premium integrative medicine clinic.

We specialize in managing the biological aging process. Whether our clients wish to improve their health and extend their lifespans, address specific medical concerns, or restore balance in their lives, our medical exams and personal health programs are designed to help them achieve their goals.

Our care delves into your personal health history, into understanding your health and lifestyle goals, into comprehending your risk factors for disease, and most importantly, into developing a customized and lifestyle plan to prevent disease and slow the aging process.

Your visit may begin with a Comprehensive Health Evaluation, but it doesn’t end here. We offer our clients many exams and tests not available by way of your family physician. These exams and tests provide us with vital information, helping us understand your current health status and biological age, your genetics, and your risk for many debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Our Comprehensive Health Evaluation as well as our Comprehensive Health Evaluation with Biomarkers go beyond disease risk screening to measure the biological age of your cardiovascular system, lungs, cognitive functioning, skin, immune system, and telomeres. Taken together, these measures provide a clear picture of how well you are aging.

Our expert team uses state of the art testing and equipment to provide each client with a customized examination and comprehensive care.  From advanced cardiovascular risk screening, to hormone balancing, to assessing cancer risk, the health and well-being of our clients is always our highest priority.