DeerFields Clinic: Trusted for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Toronto

In the NFL they say that QBs experience the game slowing down as they learn and become more effective at being a man playing a game. However, if you are a male who is 40 years old or above, you may have noticed that “the game is speeding up”. That’s one of the main reasons why men from all walks of life trustDeerFields Clinic for testosterone replacement therapyin Toronto. As a private medical clinic, the team of medical doctors (MDs), healthcare and administrative professionals at DeerFields Clinicin Toronto offers safe testosterone replacement therapy for men from across the GTA, including Etobicoke, North York, York, and Scarborough.

Why Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy so Popular in Toronto?

As a treatment for helping men lead their most productive life possible and potentially turning back time, testosterone replacement therapy(TRT) continues to become more popular not just at Toronto, but around the world. In fact,some experts are predicting testosterone replacement therapy to become a $6.5-billion (U.S.) industry by 2020. So why is TRT experiencing such phenomenal growth in popularity?

Anti-aging is of course one of the biggest reasons, but TRT may also treat conditions such as:

  • Lower sex drive
  • Feelings of depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Fatigue

Whether you live in Etobicoke, North York, York, and Scarborough, or downtown Toronto, you understand that in this modern world, functioning at your best is absolutely essential for survival, let alone success. As a high-level executive competing on the global stage, you know that anything less than your absolute best simply will not do. Many men are “in it to win it”, and testosterone replacement therapy might be an essential tool that not only gets them into the “red zone” but also puts points on the board.

What Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Toronto Involve?

One of the reasons why DeerFields Clinic is trusted for testosterone replacement therapy is because our doctors thoroughly examine your physical health to determine whether TRT is right for you. Your doctor will check your testosterone level, red blood cell levels, bone density, and evaluate your prostate cancer risk before any testosterone replacement therapy begins. If it is determined that TRT is right for your unique condition, your doctor will may prescribe one of the following:

  • Patches
  • Gels
  • Buccal patches
  • Injections
  • Subcutaneous pellets

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Toronto Right for Everyone?

Testosterone replacement therapy is not a panacea and not right for everyone. That is why the doctors at DeerFields Clinic conduct tests before recommending testosterone replacement therapy in Toronto. In addition to possible side effects such as acne and oily skin, lower sperm count, increased risk of blood clots, shrinkage of the testicles and the possibility of larger breasts.

Furthermore, TRT may not be right for you if you have been diagnosed with prostrate cancer or suffer from sleep apnea, congestive heart failure, or have above-normal red blood cell counts. Testosterone replacement therapy is not a cure, so if you discontinue TRT, any symptoms that may have been treated may return, and you may lose any benefits gained. In other words, testosterone replacement therapy is not something to be entered into lightly.

Contact DeerFields Clinic if you are considering testosterone replacement therapy in Toronto. Located in downtown Toronto, we offer TRT services for men across the GTA, including Etobicoke, North York, York, and Scarborough.

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