Performance Optimization Program (POP)

The Performance Optimization Program (POP) is designed for individuals looking for inspiration, guidance, and support in altering their overall lifestyle habits including fitness and nutrition. The Program provides clients with a thorough initial assessment as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly follow-up to enhance program adherence and enable optimal results.

Program Features:

  • One-year Program designed to inspire, enhance, and improve overall health and wellness
  • Includes Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment (CLA) and periodic reviews with your DeerFields Lifestyle Coach
  • Fitness plan, nutrition guide, and lifestyle habits will be reviewed and addressed
  • Weekly touch-base during the first month of the program following CLA to ensure optimal engagement
  • 2nd & 3rd month – bi-weekly contact to inspire and review progress
  • Additional and ongoing support as required
  • Includes three Quarterly Progress Reviews (QPRs) (in-person or virtually) at 3, 6 and 9 months including body composition and one-on-one consults with your Lifestyle Coach
  • Concludes with a repeat Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment at year-end to evaluate progress and determine next steps

Through the Performance Optimization Program your goals of improving body composition, increasing energy levels, and managing stress, will be supported by your DeerFields Team. Be inspired to establish new lifestyle rituals that will impact your health for years to come through this new and innovative program designed to help you optimize your physical and mental performance.