Integrative Health Program For Women

Feeling tired? Not sleeping well? Lacking energy?

Wishing you could feel like your younger self again?

 Looking for a female health team that understands
the needs of women at all stages?

Our Integrative Health Women’s Program combines conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary & alternative medicine in a specialized program. Integrative health honours the innate ability of the body to heal and involves a valued and often long-term partnership between patient and physician.

We work with women of all ages and stages in the Greater Toronto Area to address health concerns and lifestyle goals that include:

  • Improving body composition and fitness
  • Integrative health coaching
  • Optimizing heart & brain health
  • Optimizing & improving hormone balance (using BHRT)
  • Improving nutrition
  • Exploring mind, body and spiritual health
  • Optimizing restorative sleep
  • Enhancing mental health through Mind-Body therapies
  • Optimizing & maintaining spiritual health
  • Personalized supplement programs
  • Pre-pregnancy health optimization
  • Slowing the aging process

Our Integrative Health Women’s program is led by Dr. Simran Rattan who provides care to both women and men at DeerFields. A physician, as well as a busy mother of young children, Dr. Rattan brings a female perspective to female clients who seek her medical expertise.

Benefits of our Integrative Health Women’s Program include:

  • Access to a female physician and health team dedicated to helping you achieve your health and life goals (in-person or by video conference)
  • Access to primary care services as needed (in-person or by video conference)
  • Access as needed to other on-site professionals and services (our human performance specialist; on-site lab services, etc).
  • Decreased risk of age-related diseases, such as heart disease Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis
  • Improved mood, energy and stress tolerance
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Optimized hormone levels
  • Reduced risk of depression or anxiety
  • Relief from menopausal symptoms
  • Regular monitoring to ensure you’re on track to meet your health goals
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Support in achieving optimal body composition
  • The knowledge and peace of mind that you’re under the care of an experienced women’s health team