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COVID-19 Update

Dear DeerFields Client:


“There is no better time than now to follow your DeerFields teachings and start living healthy to build your immune systems.”

— Dr Randy Knipping


Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced an extension of the Public Health Emergency in Ontario for the next 12 weeks to prevent further human suffering and to protect human lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DeerFields Clinic is dedicated to your health and wellbeing and supports the recommendation to cease all non-essential activities that pose a risk to your health. However, the DeerFields team is in the unique position to support our clients through this difficult period.

DeerFields is operating with full staff providing complete virtual care including telephone, Healthmail and telemedicine encounters via ZOOM and Medeo for all new and existing clients. Therefore DeerFields Clinic remains OPEN and fully capable of serving your entire health needs during this time. Our information technology is completely mobile and will enable staff to work from home and to manage all clinic operations without service interruptions or delays.

Many of our pharmacy partners that we work with, such as Trutina, have assured us they will be fully staffed to maintain normal operations to fulfill all prescription requests and ship them directly to your home.

Our Lifestyle Human Performance Laboratory Team continues to provide comprehensive protocols and coaching to assist clients in achieving their goals.

The only change is we will defer any physical examinations, blood work and other tests that require physical contact with staff or equipment until Monday May 4th, 2020.

During the period from now until Monday May 4th, staff will be trained and equipped to perform Universal Precautions for our anticipated return to normal in-clinic operations. These countermeasures will include prescreening of all clients 24 hours before their scheduled appointment, on site screening including a temperature check in the foyer before entering the clinic, and the use of appropriate infection controls (cleaning hands, using gloves, masks etc for BOTH staff and clients). We will keep you informed of any updates going forward. Please stay at home, wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face and take care of yourselves and your loved ones during this challenging time.



Preventive Medicine & Integrative Health
Medical Director

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