Dr. Randy Knipping obtained his BSc (Honours Biology) summa cum laude from McMaster in 1981, and published two peer reviewed research articles in neuroendocrinology (brain hormone biochemistry) and molecular biology. He completed his MD training at the University of Toronto in 1985 graduating with the highest academic standing in the final clinical year of medicine. He has completed post graduate training in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine & Trauma, Aerospace Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Accident Investigation & Forensic Medicine, and Integrative Medicine.

Since graduation, Dr. Knipping has held several prestigious professional appointments including Chief of Emergency Medicine at Trillium Health Centre, founding Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic in Canada, Medical Support Specialist for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada and Coroner for the Province of Ontario. He is senior aviation medical examiner for the US Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada. In 2014 he was appointed Affiliate Physician for Virgin Galactic performing preflight examinations for private and commercial astronauts.

Dr. Knipping has a special interest in human performance psychology and lifestyle medicine, inspired by his work with pilots and air traffic controllers whose careers are dependent on their health and who are highly motivated to actively engage in prevention. He observes that most of the patient’s he cared for in his 30 year career in emergency medicine had preventable disease, and yet the health care system failed to effectively prevent premature and catastrophic disease.

Dr. Knipping met his business partner Jim Wilson during an executive health examination while he was director of the Cleveland Clinic in Toronto and they became instant friends, sharing a vision of executive health that extended well beyond the annual examination by including quarterly follow ups focused on lifestyle including nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, toxins, epigenetic, metabolic and hormone balancing so that rather than marking the decline in mental and physical functional capacity observed with passive or sedentary aging, the outcome would be optimizing functional capacity and restoration of biological youth. The goal is to achieve a long flight, with a smooth landing!

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