How fit are you? Finding out can help you train smarter

How fit are you? Finding out can help you train smarter

Just as you wouldn’t fill and take a prescription without knowing it was right for your condition, when it comes to improving your fitness and training to meet specific goals, it helps to know how fit you are. For example, if you want to train towards completing a half marathon, yoga and some light weights won’t prepare you as effectively as other forms of exercise and training. They might help, but you could be training smarter with a more effective exercise prescription or program.

At DeerFields Clinic, we offer a Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) designed to assess an individual’s Functional Capacity by evaluating physical fitness markers in the areas of Strength, Power, Endurance, Aerobic Capacity, and Mobility. The evaluation is designed to provide a baseline for anyone looking to optimize their current fitness or anyone new to exercise & training.

While it’s true that most gyms offer fitness assessments and ongoing personal training, most simply can’t compete with our Human Performance Evaluation. Naturally, you’re now wondering whats sets us apart. After all, isn’t one evaluation as good as another? The answer is a resounding “no”.

At DeerFields, our Human Performance Evaluation consists of a 2-hour appointment and includes the following tests/screens as well as a 30-min review with an exercise physiologist.

●Body Composition Analysis via InBody520
The InBody 520 provides accurate and detailed information about the amount and distribution of your lean mass, fat mass, and water mass. This machine calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate, a measure of your daily energy requirements which allow for personalized nutrition recommendations

●Functional Movement Screen
This test is used to identify asymmetries and movement deficiencies. It measures seven fundamental move mentpatterns that are key to functional movement quality.

●VO2max & Resting ECG
The Vo2max test is generally regarded as the gold standard to assess cardiovascular fitness and can also provide insights on how to optimize your training.

●Pulmonary Function Testing
Spirometry is a standard test used to measure how well your lungs are functioning. The test works by measuring airflow into and out of your lungs.

●Musculoskeletal Testing
– Push up endurance
– Plank endurance
– Vertical jump & Peak Leg Power.

Once you’ve completed your Human Performance Evaluation and have discussed the results with our team, you’ll have the option of working with them to increase your fitness over a number of weeks or months, or move forward on your own with a better understanding of the best activities to help you achieve your goals.

Our team puts everyone at least — weekend warriors, high-level athletes, and those entirely new to physical activity. Whatever your fitness level, our friendly team will put you at ease and ensure you feel supported through your Human Performance Evaluation, and if you desire, ongoing training.

To learn more about our Human Performance Lab or to book your Human Performance Evaluation, at DeerFields Clinic, please click here.


A marketing communications professional with over 25 years of experience and a fitness instructor/trainer of three decades, Catherine has inspired thousands of Canadians to lead active, healthy lives. Catherine lives in Toronto and has two daughters, ages 21 and 18. Visit Catherine's website