Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Vindication Of Estrogen

Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Vindication Of Estrogen

Women have been suffering from much more than hot flashes. Many women complain about fatigue, mental fogginess, decreased mood, low libido, and most health professionals won’t prescribe them hormones all because of one study, The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). Yet, in December of 2019, a 19-year re-analysis of the WIH hormone trials was presented in San Antonio, due to the false statistical conclusions.

Twelve prestigious cancer societies demonstrated that estrogen therapy in healthy women reduces the risk of breast cancer by 23% and the risk of death from breast cancer by 44%.

Balanced hormones and replacement therapies are critical for women’s well-being but a standard of care which misunderstands estrogen, especially in high-risk or breast cancer patients, has kept women from a higher quality of life and longer lifespan.

Now human trials have shown the efficacy and safety of HRT even in breast cancer patients, and women no longer need to miss out on estrogen’s growing foundational roles of health.

The long-term benefits of even a few years of HRT and the “timing window” of protection has been shown in many studies.  The new thought is that cells that initiate tumors are not being driven by estrogen.

There is science behind HRT and BRCA gene positive patients and there are new findings from the WHI that show that hormones reduce crippling arthralgias and pain in aging women and the findings that women over age 65 with higher levels of cholesterol live longer and healthier and the role of this in hormonal balance and well-being.


Dr. Simran Rattan

A valued member of the DeerFields clinical team, Dr. Rattan is an Integrative Family Medicine Physician and inspirational leader. Her areas of expertise include Women’s Health, Preventive Medicine, and Mind-Body & Spirituality Medicine. Dr. Rattan’s love for meditation and connecting to a life force within, led her to pursue a career in Integrative Medicine.