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Coping with COVID-19 stress

Coping with COVID-19 stress

You may not be sick with COVID-19, but you are absolutely affected by it — and your mental health is at risk too. Although this is a global event unmatched by anything we’ve seen before, you are not helpless and certainly shouldn’t be hopeless as we navigate the pandemic and face related uncertainty. There are many ways you can build resilience, and many things you can do to improve your ability to cope.

  1. Check the news no more than twice a day – and for short periods only.
  2. Get some fresh air, exercise and sunshine every day. Doing so releases stress, boosts your immune system and will improve your mood. Learn about Nature Therapy and its benefits.
  3. Connect virtually with family, friends and colleagues each day.
  4. Listen to music or learn/play an instrument every day.
  5. Cook healthy meals to boost your health – and try your hand at making the take-out dishes you may be missing.
  6. Get some exercise every day. A few mini workouts throughout the day and evening offer the same health benefits as one longer workout and can be more effective in countering the negatives of an otherwise sedentary day.
  7. Clean your home from top to bottom with safe-to-use ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, etc. Read about 10 simple ways to detox your home.
  8. Meditate or at least take some deep breaths every day. Learn about mindfulness here and Find tips for self-care here.
  9. Watch something funny and laugh every day – try some funny videos or a classic comedy.
  10. Do something kind for someone else each day. What will it be today?


A marketing communications professional with over 25 years of experience and a fitness instructor/trainer of three decades, Catherine has inspired thousands of Canadians to lead active, healthy lives. Catherine lives in Toronto and has two daughters, ages 21 and 18. Visit Catherine's website