DeerFields offers testosterone replacement therapy for men with Low-T

DeerFields offers testosterone replacement therapy for men with Low-T

DeerFields Clinic's Men's Health and TRT Program

If you’re a man suffering in silence with the symptoms of Low Testosterone (also known as Low-T), there is help. There is no need to be awkward or embarrassed, and it’s important that you know just how common this condition is. The good news, is that at DeerFields Clinic, we help men of all ages reclaim their youthful vigor and  maintain their edge using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement – we call it BHRT.

You may have heard about Low-T and Testosterone Replacement Therapy, also known as TRT. This form of treatment (at DeerFields Clinic, a form of BHRT), when properly administered and monitored, can be highly effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms. Our medical and health team have helped scores of men with this condition and we can help you too. Rest assured that our team will put you at ease and make it easy to talk about your symptoms – we do this all the time! Learn about our Men’s Health & TRT Program.

Symptoms of Low-T include:

  • Loss of Drive: Patients with Low Testosterone often experience a decline in general ambition and motivation, difficulties with physical intimacy, and reduced desire.
  • Fatigue: Do you feel tired, even with adequate sleep? Extreme fatigue and decrease in energy levels are common symptoms of Low Testosterone.
  • Mood Changes: Men with Low-T often have trouble motivating themselves and may also experience anxiety or depression.
  • Body Changes: Low testosterone levels can contribute to decreased bone density, reduced muscle mass & strength, and increased body fat.
  • Poor Sleep: Patients with Low Testosterone often notice a decline in sleep quality and experience insomnia and abnormal sleep patterns.
  • Cognitive Decline: Low Testosterone may contribute to cognitive decline, poor concentration, and memory loss.

At DeerFields, we strive to achieve the absolute best results for each patient, based on his goals and desired outcome. Since no two men are identical, our medical team customizes medical exams, programs, and treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. The majority of clinics offering TRT  prescribe the same concentration of testosterone to every patient, with the goal of elevating each patient’s total testosterone levels (not always the right level for the individual) which can also results in unwanted side effects. Our approach is different — and vastly superior. Our physicians customize each patient’s treatment plan to a hormone profile suitable for their unique physiology. We monitor changes in body composition, bio-markers, and subjective patient feedback, among many other indicators, to help each individual achieve the highest level of satisfaction and best possible results.

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