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Podcast: Gut-Brain Axis with Dr. Simran Rattan

Podcast: Gut-Brain Axis with Dr. Simran Rattan

The connection between the gut and the brain is fascinating! In this episode, Dr. Simran Rattan, MD, an integrative medicine physician, integrative health coach, meditation coach and tai chi instructor, explains the gut-brain axis and how inflammation, mental health and chronic disease fit in. You’ll learn about leaky gut, our microbiome and what causes gut imbalance. Plus, discover what foods can help restore gut balance, including a discussion about prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods.

In this podcast you’ll hear:
5:45 – Gut-brain Axis: a 2 way street
8:15 – Microbiome and leaky gut
10:15 – Gluten sensitivity and leaky gut
11:15 -The connection between gut imbalance and eczema
12:47 -Signs of leaky gut (bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, mood changes, abdominal pain)
13:20 – Stomach aches & migraines in children
17:00 – Mind-body therapy
17:35 – What causes gut imbalance?
19:00 -Relationship between gut health, nutrition and mental health
19:20 -Whole foods
19:40 -Anti-inflammatory foods & Mediterranean diet
22:50 –Fermented foods, prebiotics & probiotics
27:55 –Mental health and mind-body therapy

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Dr. Simran Rattan
Dr. Simran Rattan

A valued member of the DeerFields clinical team, Dr. Rattan is an Integrative Family Medicine Physician and inspirational leader. Her areas of expertise include Women’s Health, Preventive Medicine, and Mind-Body & Spirituality Medicine. Dr. Rattan’s love for meditation and connecting to a life force within, led her to pursue a career in Integrative Medicine.

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