Biotin may impact laboratory testing

Biotin may impact laboratory testing

If your hair and skin are lacking the lustre they once did, you may either be considering or taking biotin. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, has surged in popularity in recent years based on limited evidence it improves hair, skin, and nail growth.

A recent article in the BC Medical Journal, confirms however, that a high concentration of biotin in blood can interfere with lab tests for thyroid and troponin concerns, leading to false positives (thyroid) and false negatives (troponin), with potentially harmful consequences.

If you are taking biotin, be sure to speak with your physician about whether or not it is actually beneficial for you, and before blood work. You may be advised to stop taking it altogether or to stop taking it for some time prior to your blood work.

If you are a DeerFields client, ask your treating physician or health professional about what is best for you.


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