Canada’s new food guide unveiled

Canada’s new food guide unveiled

Canada’s revised food guide was released today, and with it, have come some substantial changes. The new guide no longer breaks down into four food groups with a suggested number of daily servings for each. Instead of specific serving recommendations, the new guide presents a general guidelines to eat by. They include:

Eat a variety of healthy foods each day:
The new food guide suggests eating lots of vegetables and fruits,  whole grains, and protein foods that include plant-based proteins, such as legumes, beans, and tofu more often than those from animal sources,such as eggs, dairy, fish and meat.

Make water your drink of choice:  This is in part about preventing dehydration, but also about limiting sugar intake, according to Health Canada officials. If you’re drinking more water, you’re likely drinking less juice and pop.

Avoid processed foods and beverages high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat:
Making healthy eating a priority means processed meats like hot dogs, deep-fried food, sugary breakfast cereal and sugary drinks should be avoided or eliminated altogether.

Reduce sugar intake:
Added sugar, such as that in soda pop, ice cream, and candy should be reduced as much as possible. Dietary sugar should come from whole fruits and vegetables. A bowl of fresh berries for example, can go a long way towards satisfying your sweet tooth, with no added sugar.

Little to no alcohol:
The new food guide reminds us that alcohol is high in calories, offers virtually no nutritive value, and is associated with a variety of health risks like cancers and liver disease.

Cook more and dine with others:
The new food guide emphasizes home cooking as a means of improving nutrition and encourages people to enjoy meals together. Take time to prepare and enjoy your food, and notice when you’re full.

Find more information about the new Canada Food Guide.

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