8 Tips for winter runners

8 Tips for winter runners

An avid runner in every season, I’ve discovered a few tricks that make running outdoors throughout the winter months a little more enjoyable… safer too. Today I’m happy to share them with you.

  1. Focus on fun. Winter is not the season to be concerned with distance or speed, particularly if there is snow or ice underfoot. It is however, a great time of year to focus on fun runs, to invite others to join you, and to sign up for spring running events
  2. Dress in layers. Choose clothing made with synthetics that wicks moisture away from the skin and dress in layers. You should feel chilled when you walk out the door — if not, remove a layer. Your winter running wardrobe should include a running jacket, a warm hat or headband, gloves, running tights and a few long-sleeve shirts.
  3. Add traction. Many runners use shoe traction devices like Yak Trax to increase traction and stability on ice and snow.
  4. Stay low. Reduce your risk of a fall by shortening your stride and keeping your feet low to the ground. Keep your gaze to the ground a few feet ahead, watching for slippery and hazardous conditions.
  5. Be visible. Try to run during daylight hours, but if you run when it’s dark outdoors, wear reflective and bright clothing and consider attaching tiny lights (available at running stores) to your clothes and shoes. When I run after dark, I often wear a safely vest and a headlamp… not the best look I know… but safety first! Always run with identification and a phone.
  6. When cold is too cold. Once the temperature dips below -27ºC, it’s best to workout indoors — so hit the treadmill or the indoor track, or get your cardio in a spin class, swimming, or at the gym.
  7. Prepare your body with a few minutes of light-to-moderate intensity exercise before you run.
  8. Protect Skin and Eyes. If you’re running during the day, use sunblock on exposed skin and be sure to wear sunglasses too.

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