Executive Health at DeerFields

Executive Health at DeerFields

At DeerFields, our Executive Health Program is designed to ensure your company’s busy team is in optimal health and stays that way. We understand that today’s professionals are busy people and that when it comes to your company’s bottom line, time is money.

Our Executive Health Program is the most complete, in-depth medical exam available today and involves a two-step approach that combines a comprehensive medical with our Medical Director and experienced clinical team, with an appointment with our Lifestyle Coach.

You can expect:

  • The most complete, in-depth medical exam available today.
  • A relaxed, focused, and unhurried environment where you will be tended to by an experienced and knowledgeable team.
  • Hormone screening and comprehensive lab testing using some of the most sophisticated medical equipment available to detect health risks years before the onset of disease.
  • An enhanced cardiovascular disease risk screening to identify concerns before they become irreversible.
  • Testing designed to measure the biological aging of specific organ systems – the information you need to take control of the aging process.
  • A comprehensive consultation with a lifestyle coach who will provide personal nutrition, fitness, and supplement recommendations based on your test results.
  • A full report, complete with recommendations on the same day of your exam.
  • Follow-up and specialist referrals when warranted.
  • Access to in-office or video-consult primary care services as needed throughout the year.

Clients can also make use of our comfortable lounge areas, free wifi, and private dressing rooms with showers. Transportation to and from downtown Toronto and a healthy lunch can also be arranged.

For more information or to schedule your Executive Medical, please contact: 1.877.933.3734 / 416.253.9769 / clinic@deerfields.ca

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