A more active you? 8 tips to help you stay on track

A more active you? 8 tips to help you stay on track

Happy New Year! May 2016 be a happy and healthy year for you and yours. Many people choose January as an opportunity to make a fresh start… a time to commit anew to healthy lifestyle goals or “resolutions.” If you’re among this group, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Set realistic goals – things you know that with some hard work and dedication you can actually achieve. Focus on goals that will have a positive impact on your life.
  2. Develop an action plan that outlines the steps you will take to achieve your goal.
  3. Share your resolution: Tell friends and family about your goal and request their support as you work towards it.

With your goals and a plan to achieve them in place, motivation becomes critical. If becoming more active is your primary goal, my eight tips below will motivate you to get started and help you stay on track:

  1. Make a commitment to fitness and health and write it down (it’s a contract you have with yourself). Review it often and remind yourself that you’re striving to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.
  2. Participate in activities you enjoy and you’ll be much more likely to stick with them over time. Can’t see yourself running? How about power walking?
  3. Exercise on your own or with others – do whatever you enjoy most.
  4. As the seasons change, be open to trying new activities. Walking, perhaps the best activity of all, is something to be enjoyed in every season.
  5. Create a catch phrase or word that you can repeat to yourself when you’re in danger of being sidetracked. I remind myself regularly that exercise isn’t a punishment, it’s a privilege.
  6. Practice mental imagery. Picture yourself being active, following through on your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, overcoming set-backs, and achieving success.
  7. Have a tough attitude. Don’t wonder if you can actually reach your goals. Believe you can!
  8. Identify self-defeating thoughts, behaviours and patterns and be prepared to counter them (fight back!) to overcome them.

Be kind to yourself – there will be missed workouts and some that don’t go as planned. We all have them! Simply let them go and focus on what’s yet to come — a healthier, happier, more active YOU!

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A marketing communications professional with over 25 years of experience and a fitness instructor/trainer of over two decades, Catherine has inspired thousands of Canadians to lead active, healthy lives. Catherine lives in Toronto and has two daughters, ages 20 and 17. Visit Catherine's website