5 Ways to look younger without surgery

5 Ways to look younger without surgery

Looking and feeling our best at every age is something we all hope for. I’m a firm believer that aging well starts on the inside, and in the fitness classes I teach, I often refer to it as ‘getting healthy and gorgeous from the inside out”.

Today in Canada, more people than ever before are also turning to cosmetic surgery and less invasive medical spa services to help them maintain a youthful glow. Let’s not kid ourselves, aging is inevitable (not to mention a privilege not extended to everyone) and the only proven way to slow the process is exercise.

But if you’re looking for a few simple ways to obtain or maintain a youthful glow, consider some of these simple suggestions – doing even just one or two of them can make you feel happier, boost your confidence, and add a little spring to your step!

  1. Do as “mom” suggested: There’s no doubt about it, a healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards helping us look and feel youthful at any age. Eat a healthy diet, avoid alcohol, don’t smoke, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, learn to manage stress, treasure a support network of family and friends, and when it comes to disease, think prevention and early detection.
  2. Shun the sun: The sun speeds up the aging process — just compare your face and hands for example, to skin that’s had little-to-no exposure. Do invest in a good quality sunscreen and do apply it on all exposed skin year round. Avoid the sun and within a few months, you’ll be amazed how much better your skin looks. Want to achieve optimal results? Try laser skin rejuvenation or medical grade peels from a dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon.
  3. Cover gray hair but keep it natural: Cover grays but keep hair colouring natural – stay away from heavy highlights and going too dark which can make one look older.
  4. Whiten your teeth: Have it done in the dentist’s chair or buy a whitening kit at the drugstore, but turning the clock back on stained or yellowed teeth will boost your confidence, make you smile more, and create the illusion that you’re a few years younger than you really are.
  5. Smooth lines with retinoids: Retinoid creams (vitamin A derivatives) help soften the look of fine lines and fade brown spots by increasing collagen production and increasing cell turnover. They’re more effective than any other wrinkle-reduction creams. Ask your dermatologist about trying one that’s suited to your needs, and if retinoids aren’t doing the trick, learn about dermal fillers and Botox for wrinkle correction.

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