The DeerFields Difference

About Us

Welcome to DeerFields, Canada’s premium integrative medicine clinic and lifestyle transformation retreat centre. We specialize in managing the biological aging process.

About DeerFields:
DeerFields Clinic & Lifestyle Medicine Centre began in 2011 with a mission of inspiring and empowering people to achieve optimal health and vitality through advanced preventive care and integrative wellness solutions.

Whether our clients wish to improve their health and extend their lifespans, address specific medical concerns, or restore balance in their lives, our medical exams, personal health programs, and customized Lifestyle Transformation retreats are designed to help them achieve their goals.

Your DeerFields Experience begins with a Comprehensive Medical Evaluation (CME) at our Toronto clinic using leading edge screening tools and diagnostic equipment. Once a thorough understanding of your current health status and biological age have been established, we work with our clients to craft personalized health and wellness strategies.

The DeerFields Difference:
Most of us have dream of living life to the fullest now and long into our older years. We dream of robust physical and mental health, moving with ease, feeling strong, the continued ability to participate in activities we enjoy – things like travel, sports, gardening, and independent living, and of preventing diseases that may have plagued and shortchanged family members of generations past or for which sub-optimal lifestyles have left us at risk.

At DeerFields Clinic & Lifestyle Medicine Centre, we help our clients achieve these dreams. We help them optimize their health today – to perform better at work and at home. We empower them to live lifestyles that prevent, manage, and in some cases even reverse disease. We arm them to take control of their futures with a view to aging well and living full, healthy, and rewarding lives years beyond what might have otherwise been. In short, we partner with our clients to take control of their health today for a healthier tomorrow.

Our care doesn’t replace that provided by your family doctor or other valued health provider. Rather, it delves deeper into your personal health history, into understanding your health and lifestyle goals, into comprehending your risk factors for disease, and most importantly, into developing a customized and long-term lifestyle plan designed to prevent disease and to slow the aging process. When it comes to achieving optimal health, performing at your best, and aging well, consider DeerFields Clinic & Lifestyle Medicine Centre your partner.

Your visit may begin with a Comprehensive Health Evaluation, but it doesn’t end here. We offer our clients a multitude of exams and tests not available by way of your family physician. These exams and tests provide us with vital information, helping us understand your current health status, your current biological age, your genetics, and your risk for many debilitating and life threatening diseases. Armed with this and other pertinent information, we then set about developing your personalized health and lifestyle plan.

The exams and tests we offer include:

DeerFields Comprehensive Health Evaluation (CHE) and the DeerFields Comprehensive Health Evaluation (CHE) with Biomarkers which go beyond disease risk screening to measure the biological age of your cardiovascular system, lungs, cognitive functioning, skin, immune system, and telomeres. Taken together, these measures provide a clear picture of how well you are aging.

CardioAge – Arterial Elasticity The sphygmocor device measures your central arterial pressure, a much more powerful indicator of health than arm blood pressure. The Sphygmocor provides a measure of the stiffness of your arteries, which lose elasticity over time.

TelomerAgeTelomere Length Test – Telomere length is a powerful biomarker of genetic aging. Shorter telomeres are associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Telomere shortening can be slowed, stopped, or in some cases, even reversed.

ImmunoAge – Immune Function – As we age, our immune function declines and we become more susceptible to decline, infections, and diseases such as cancer. A sophisticated test at the Immunogenetics Center at UCLA evaluates immune function and provides us with valuable feedback.

NeuroAge – Cognitive Function – The CNS Vital Signs is a battery of neuropsychological tests that assess the main areas of cognitive function. This testing can detect cognitive decline up to 10 years in advance of symptoms.

PulmoAge – Lung Function – The values taken from a standard pulmonary function test are measured against a large database to provide a comparison between your lung function and that of age-matched controls to determine how well your lungs are aging.

CutoAge – Skin Elasticity – The Cutometer measures skin elasticity. Skin elasticity is correlated with bone density and can be improved through Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in women.

Enhanced cardiovascular disease risk screening – including a cardiac stress test (GXT) and Carotid Intima Media Thickness Test (CIMT) – the most advanced method of detecting atherosclerosis.

The ONCOblot® Test is a single blood test with the ability to confirm the presence of cancer through the detection of the ENOX2 protein. Different forms of the ENOX2 protein are produced by cancers from different tissues of origin which enables the test to identify 25+ forms of cancer. Most tests look for elevated levels of normal substances which might indicate the possibility of a cancer, and some tests look for a genetic predisposition to develop cancer.
What makes the ONCOblot® Test unique is that it detects the presence of the ENOX2 protein which only exists if cancer is present.

Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH®) measures levels of hormones and their metabolites. DUTCH helps identify hormone imbalances that may contribute to certain health conditions. Measuring hormone metabolites in urine can show how a hormone family works together in a way that standard serum or saliva tests cannot

Food Intolerance Testing:
Food intolerance is an abnormal reaction to certain foods that can manifest itself in a number of ways. Food intolerances are not life threatening, but can impact normal life activities. It is estimated that approximately 45% of the population could be affected. They often go undetected and untreated, which may lead to many chronic medical conditions